KK3 Koding

Semester 1 2018


Kinky Komputing 3 – Koding – Parts

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  • Class33 ESP32 (Lolin32)

      ESP-32 Wemos  Lolin32 Dual core 32 bit CPU 240 MHz Up to 26 digital pins Up to 12 analog pins Wifi/bluetooth. Modem Lithium battery connector USB programming & optional power I will have one of these ready for all class members at first week. Schematic diagram:  https://wiki.wemos.cc/_media/products:lolin32:sch_lolin32_v1.0.0.pdf You can find some internet info by googling for wemos lolin32 (not the “lite”). Today’s task – to get software running and able to program the ESP32. … Continue reading Class33 ESP32 (Lolin32)

  • Class34 First sketches

    Complie and run first basic sketches. Start our study of C language as used by the “arduino” software.   PPT CODE    

  • Class35 – More C – Servos

    We look at some more C language as use on Arduino family boards. And we get Oled display and RC servo running. Servo1 PRESENTATION

  • Class36

    A preview scan over some coming hardware bits. And a bit more C PRESENTATION      

  • Class37 – wifi and blynk

    Let’s establish a standardised easy way to do wifi login (even swapping from home wifi to classroom wifi automatically). Then, we fire up BLYNK, to use your smartphone to control the ESP32. Presentation Getting your Blynk Account CODE (ALL – overwrites earlier versions !): ALL SKETCHES ALL LIBRARY Schematic  

  • Class38 – More Blynk

    Let’s consolidate our mastery of Blynk, the smartphone-to-ESP32 controller. And we’ll make our EASYWIFI startup more complete: Log in to wifi Fetch time If we have an OLED, display the wifi settings. Code Files Presentation Note that there is an updated  easywifi.h file in the myconfig library. (Keep your configs & passwords!)

  • Class39 – The L298 H-bridge for motors

    Schematic PDF All libraries & sketches to date (Corrected version)    

  • Class40 – Infrared Line Follower

    Examining the performance of the “line follower”, ie infrared LED reflecting to infrared detector.   Also looking a bit more at H Bridge   PDF CODE

  • Class41 (Term2) – IMU

      Accelerometer Magnetometer Gyro Read: roll, pitch & bearing. Just 4 wires: 3.3V to VCC Gnd Gpio21 to SDA Gpio22 to SCL PRESENTATION CODE (libraries)

  • Class42 – Infrared Receiver

              Infrared “remote” with Receiver. PPT CODE

  • Class43 – Quad Encoders

    Counting wheel revolutions using infrared proximity sensors. PPT Code Lolin32 Schematic        

  • Class44 – RTOS – multitasking

    Multitasking. PPT CODE    (You can keep these sketches still bundled in the freeRTOS folder, in your sketchbook/arduino area.)

  • Class45 – Sonar (State Machines)

    We will use the sonar device with “State Machine” coding. PPT CODE

  • Class46 – Class Library

    How to author your own class library. Make your own objects.   And – (finally) – trying to integrate all those device sketches into one composite robot sketch. PPT CODE CODE2 Copy of all Cplusplus Language slides this year.

  • Class47 – Robot

    Some attempts to integrate motors & sensors on robot PPT   CODE

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