Class Guidelines

There is no tutorial or lecture.

We each get a turn to present our prepared statement. (If you go beyond 2 minutes, you will be belled.)

Then the subject is opened for discussion.

You will know the day’s topic a week in advance. This gives time to think or to do any reading or googling you wish.  Arrive to class with your statement written (or scribbled) so you can read it to us.

Polemic? Poetic? Daydream? You may strongly believe what your statement says. Alternatively, you may be “trying it on to see if it fits you.” Or, quite simply you may give us an opinion that you don’t even think you believe in, but you can’t rustle up anything better. Truth or dare? Earnest or spoof? This class is for enjoying.

Please don’t look to ME for “right” answers on any topic. Like you, my opinions are just what I have come to.

I suggest you bring a pencil & pad. Then you can jot down any opinions being tabled that you want to return to or challenge.

Mark yourself off on the roll sheet each week.

Venue? Private house, various. Can you offer a venue occasionally? Tea/coffee assumed. Or if we can find one or two coffee shops willing to let us discuss as a group, occasionally there.