The Idlers

1.In Praise of Idleness

The luxury to choose what we occupy ourselves with



2. The

Dismantling our beliefs and presumptions


“I think
– that there is far too much work done in the world,
– that immense harm is caused by the belief that work is virtuous,
– and that what needs to be preached in modern industrial countries is quite different from what always has been preached.”

Bertrand Russell, In Praise of Idleness.




“It is not necessary for a man to be actively bad in order to make a failure in life; simple inaction will accomplish it. Nature has everywhere written her protest against idleness; everything which ceases to struggle, which remains inactive, rapidly deteriorates. It is the struggle toward an ideal, the constant effort to get higher and further, which develops manhood and character.”
James Terry White, The Art of Manliness