Difficulty level: ADVANCED

This is NOT a class project. It is a possible project you could follow for yourself.


How to configure a 3.5 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen for Raspberry Pi


The device: A “Waveshare SpotPear 3.5” or clone, 320×480 (not 320×240)

Search on eBay for

3.5″ tft lcd touch 320*480

Best price AUD $29.95

Check it is type with 26-pin underside connector that directly plugs on top of RPi. It is same dimensions (approx) as the RPi.

It occupies the GPIO plug, making other experimental use of the GPIO pins quite awkward.


It can be made to be the Rpi’s primary GUI screen, including touch stylus “mouse” function.

It is cramped but just workable. You can now avoid use of that HDMI screen!

You WILL still need a real keyboard, and you SHOULD still use a real mouse.
This “recipe” below works ONLY with BS4 operating software. BS3 and earlier? – sorry.






28 June 2015