On this page are SOME robotic bits that we may play with over the year.

Ongoing advice as year progresses.  Most items shown here can be found for between 10c and $3 per each.

T-cobbler for Pi – You WILL need this. bb400 hole “solderless” Breadboard Geared DC botor
wi2Some more jumper wires.
Again, a few will suffice.
anlhelp-24“Analog” input board – 4 inputs.
We can measure variable things
like temperature, voltage, light.
Inbuilt light, temp, knob.
Or external bits like our LDR.
ldrLight Dependent Resistor “LDR”.
Measures varying light level.
Use with our analog board.
hall“Hall Effect” switch.help-24
Detects a magnet nearby.
magA very tiny magnet. 3 mm diam.
But very powerful !
“Rare Earth Neodymium”
int“Optical Interrupter”
Switches on when you break
the light beam across that gap.
dcmTiny DC motor. 25,000 rpm.help-24
(about 15 mm long !)96
propPropellor for DC motor.
(Claimed to be able to really fly
with the tiny DC motor and a light
battery. Shame about the
weighty rPi.)
rlyRaspberry Pi can’t give enough
power for DC motor. But the Pi
can operate this relay that
switches the motor (even far
bigger motors, fans, lights).help-24
proxInfrared “proximity” detector.
eg 10 mm away.
Reads reflected IR light.
One side emits, other detects.
svServo Motor help-24
(As in a model RC plane)
Esay to control from rPi.
Precision positioning.
us“Sonar” for our Pi.help-24
Measures echo return time
of an ultrasonic “ping”.
Range about 10 cm to 200 cm.
stpStepper Motor. Plus interface card to
suit the output from the Pi.
Internally geared, and moves only help-24about 0.08 degrees per step! So very accurate.
pir“PIR” human motion detector.
World’s smallest burglar sensor.
15 mm long.help-24
Screenshot4LED lights.help-24
A few RED, a few GREEN.
lim“Limit Switch”
How “digital” can you get?
It’s ON or it’s OFF.
resAssorted Resistors.(The “resistance” is indicated by the
coloured bands.)help-24
batbSmall battery box for power
for DC motor or Stepper motor
or Servo motor.
(Takes 3 x AAA)
Analog Temperature SensorLM35lm35help-24 320943614618_1“NTC” temperature dependent resistor. help-24 IR Receiver – reads the codes from any TV remote
Wifi for Raspberry Pi SD card reader Nokia (phone) screen
FM Radio module Real Time Clock 2.4 GHx transceiver
Buzzer LCD 2 line x 16 H Bridge for variable speed DC motors
Accelerometer 3D Magnetometer / compass 3D Voltmeter

The pages linked by the HELP icon help-24 are extra technical “stuff” that you most likely do not need to look at!