There are several scripts on this page:

… and, they are stored here with an extra file extension “.txt”.  So, “” is stored as “”.

REASON: Many web systems BLOCK “dangerous” files like *.exe and even *.py.  *.txt should always download easily for you. When you save the file, rename it to remove the “.txt” part. There might be a spare underscore needing removal also. Sorry about that, but it does save some downloading issues.




  • Right-click the script name and SAVE it to desktop,
  • Open it from desktop, and CTRL-C copy it to your clipboard.
  • Then in a new blank window of Arduino IDE, paste it (CTRL-V) to the editor.
  • And SAVE AS to file “RegGreenGame3″ (for example) in Arduino sketchbook area.

Raspberry Pi:

  • On the rPi itself, right-click the script name and SAVE to Desktop.
  • Use rename to correct the script name.
  • We will use it at Desktop. Later when we finish, it can get stored in MyScripts folder.

5 April:



26 April:

3 May:

24 May:


7 June:



21 June:



5 July:


2 August:

motion.conf (orig)



23 August:


6 September:

irSlot.ino      Error noted in script: The 2 pin addresses for SLOT device and REFLECTOR device are in reverse (9 and A0). YOU need to edit those to be correct. The reflector device should be on pin A0.


20 September:



18 October:


29 November 2014:


21 March 2015:

python-gmail scripts


4 April 2015:



16 May 2015: – 3×4 keypad


30 May 2015:

TFT-LCD 1.44 inch colour screen: RPi files:  TFT144


6 June 2015:




4 July 2015:

Stepper on RPi: STEPPER


25 July 2015:


5 Sept 2015:

SevenDemos VGPIO (python) part 1


26 Sept 2015:

Virt-GPIO demos 8-11 (python) part2

The Arduino files


3 Oct 2015:

VirtGPIO demos 12-13 (python) part 3


17 Oct 2015:



31 Oct 2015:

Inertial Measurement Unit. Part 1. Updated 26 Oct for auto-sensing chips_topside or chips_underneath.


7 Nov 2015:

Inertial Measurement Unit. Part 2.