‘Bot Software

A fortnightly class looking at how to connect an assortment of “gadgets” and robotic components to little computers. Each day is a tutorial followed by workshop time.

We will use both Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Aim: something working each fortnight. Instructions and guidance on

  • how that gadget really works
  • precisely how to connect to Raspberry Pi or to Arduino
  • a working “script” of software
  • some insight on how the software works, and how you could tinker with it yourself


Timetable (Caloundra SCCC):

18 Jan 2014 – Introductory – Getting Started – What to Get

(6 weeks: YOU get your pieces together – Raspberry Pi & Arduino) Click here

1 MarĀ  2014 – First “real” tutorial & workshop – Getting Raspberry Pi actually working

8 Mar 2014 – Getting Arduino working – Blinking lights

22 Mar 2014 & ongoing approx fortnightly – tutorial & workshopping


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