DC Motors and Servomotors


Class 8: 24 May


(1) DC motors (4.5V from the battery pack). Full speed only (ie on/off). Forward only: using relay.

(2) Making a LED vary in brightness. “Pulse Width Modulation.”

You need 3 AAA Batteries in your battery holder !!!!!

Download DRC2.INO from the scripts page for your arduino.

PPT file


Class 9: 7 June

Arduino. Driving a bidirectional DC motor (or two) at varying speeds with PWM and H-Bridge.

Early start??

  • Battery: RED side (+4.5V) to hBridge “VCC”
  • Battery: BLACK side (gnd/0V) to hBridge “GND”
  • Link Battery BLACK (gnd) also to arduino GND
  • Arduino “+5″ – no connection this time
  • hBridge A-iA to Arduino D11
  • hBridge A-iB to Arduino D8
  • hBridge B-iA to Arduino D5
  • hBridge B-iB to Arduino D3
  • Motors (1 or 2) to screw terminals: “motor A and motor B”
    (motor polarity – doesnt matter)

Scripts hbridge2.ino and drc21.ino (see scripts page)

The Powerpoint File



Class 10: 21 June

Operating a “RC” servo motor. on arduino.

Class10 Powerpoint File


Class 11: 5 July

Raspberry Pi: Driving a bidirectional DC motor at varying speeds. Operating a “RC” servo motor.

Powerpoint File

Class 12: 19 July – SPECIAL TOPIC

Raspberry Pi:        Refer to new “BS2.img” SD version HERE.

  • Keeping your OS all upgraded / up-to-date
  • Adding/removing software packages
  • “Burning” the operating system image to your own SD card

Powerpoint File.

Notes on updating.